• The ability to tweak meta descriptions and titles to improve click-through rates is a key part of SEO. <!-- more --> Fortunately, it takes about 30 seconds to add meta descriptions and titles in the Middleman static site generator.

    Add the following to <code>layout.erb</code> between the head tags:

    <meta content="<%= current_page.data.description || data.site.description %>" name="description" />

    Then specify a description in the YAML frontmatter. Remember that the upper limit for meta descriptions is 160 characters.

    title: On the Origin of Species
    date: '1859-11-24 00:00:00'
    - evolution
    description: The scientific theory that     
    populations evolve over the course of     
    generations through a process of    
    natural selection.

    You can confirm that the meta description is working by viewing the source.